Put the Lime in the Coconut

I really wanted to do a clever blog post with a really cool announcement and all that.  But, my brain is mush, I feel like crap and there is NO creativity happening in these parts.  Without further ado, my announcement is: 
Oh wait, absolutely not (right now, anyway).  

                                              We are pregnant!  PREGNANT! A wee bun in the oven!

We have known since it was possible to know.  It's been a little nerve-wracking at times.  Especially when, at seven weeks, I had a lot of bleeding and I immediately just threw in the towel mentally, sure that we were losing this baby, too.  My doctor got me in the very next day and it felt nothing short of a miracle to hear my baby's strong heartbeat.  I went in, truly feeling hopeless and ready to schedule whatever procedure I needed to in order to get it all over with and came out with a picture of our little one and the sound of their sweet little heart echoing in my mind.  I have seen and heard the baby two more times since that first ultrasound and each time I have to fight fear and anxiety and truly trust Jesus...whether it be a good or tragic outcome. There is really no point in pregnancy (or life) that I would consider "safe".  It's all fair game, you never know, you can't control.  So what's left? Surrender.  Trust.  Gratitude for this chance.  Choosing joy in the now.  Especially when hugging and belching into that porcelain throne.  Especially when sitting in that waiting room, anticipating the upcoming appointment.  Especially when laying in bed at night and all of what "could be" washes over me. 

So, that's the news! I'm due right around Thanksgiving so I may be having family bring me casserole dishes (yes, plural) of stuffing to the hospital.  Strangely enough, stuffing is also one of my MAJOR cravings and many times one of the only things I feel like I can stomach.  Foreshadowing?  


miranda said...

Awww such Wonderful News! I am praying for all anxiety to subside and you can fully enjoy that special little one inside :)...

Katie Fleming said...

Agghh!! I am so happy to hear this:-) So excited for you guys! I will begin praying for this little one and for you all today. I know that first pregnancy after a miscarriage can be scary, but will be praying God helps you each day... whenever I started worrying alot I would stop, pray and be reminded that this child is always in God's hands and is loved by Him and there is a plan.... and that always helped me get through the "fears". Love you!!!

Jessi said...

Such awesome news! I don't have much advice regarding worry and anxiety (I struggle with it, too), but I will be praying.

katieoz said...

Thanks, you guys! I'm really excited and can't wait to meet my little turkey baby!


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