For Realz Tho'

Okay, okay. The gig is up. I am NOT having an alien.  Geesh. Can't get anything past you people.  

We DID have an anatomy scan yesterday and we DID find out the gender.  Going in, I really had no clue.  Claire, however, informed me that if the baby wasn't a girl she wasn't going to play with him. 

Once the ultrasound tech got situated and the baby up on the screen, I could tell what gender we were having.  She wasn't even really trying to determine the gender yet. But, well...I could tell. ** drum roll **

I'm a little disappointed with this shot because it's so blurry.  The tech printed this at the end but we totally had better shots earlier.  Oh well.  If you can't see it, there is not a penis and there are three white little lines.  We are going to be on estrogen packed house! God, be with Chris! I am so in love with and so excited to meet little Ruby Eloise

This baby is such a little ninja. Sadly, I can't feel it much because my placenta is in front and it cushions all the blows. But the baby was moving constantly, squirming, kicking, waving her both arms and feet, like she was at a rave. My heart melted more than a lot seeing her little fingers and toes wiggling. It was SO CUTE!!!

 Here's the only semi-decent profile we got of her.  She was in a difficult position for getting a good shot and she just wiggled so much.  Just in case it all looks like a blob, her head is on the left of the screen, facing upward and her little shoulder/arm are on the right.

There it is! Everything else checked out healthy and we are thrilled about that more than anything! I can't tell you how much I love talking about "her" and "Ruby" and "she".  Somehow, I just feel a stronger bond now but not because I had my heart set on a boy or girl either way.  I would be just as excited with a boy.  And I am actually kinda sad we don't have a boy to name the awesome, kick-ass name that we had planned.  We also don't plan to have more, so Zane Ransom will just have to be the name of my imaginary baby boy *creepy*. Or, God will surprise us. 


w said...

ahh, ruby has been on top of my girl-name list forever. Obviously, we're not having more, but I'm delighted that you get to use it! :D Can't wait to meet the little darling!


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