Adios, Camera Phone Pictures!

The time has finally arrived! After years of only cellphone camera pictures, we have FINALLY sprung for a new camera. It was an investment but it's already paying off. My timeline for getting a new camera went something like this: we must have it before the baby gets here.  

Chris is really the one who seems to have a penchant for playing with all the settings.  He has taken a photography class before and he's naturally techie.  So, I'm letting him figure it out so he can teach me.  Thankfully, the camera is capable of great automatic, point-shoot pictures as well as more difficult manual shooting options. 

These are all from the past week: Molly and Claire's sleepover (before she moves across the country), playing in the sand, trip to the Zoo. 

*Note: some of these look a little cut-off on the right margins because of my blog format. 

Ehhh...pics with flash aren't so great but we had to capture Claire and Molly during their first sleepover. 

 *I love this one*

 Waiting to get sprayed. 
Getting sprayed.



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