Landscaping, Octopuses, Birthdays, Blueberries

Yep. That about sums up the past couple weeks. My pregnancy brain is slightly incapable of forming words/thoughts and enabling my fingers to type them so this is, yet again, another photo-dump-post. 

 Claire *strongly dislikes* when I try to take pictures of her but every now and then she asks me snap a shot of her; this is one of those times. 
I hope Chris doesn't kill me for posting this.  He was a monkey, in jail.  

 After MANY hours of weeding and re-weeding this area, we finally hired someone to frame it and fill it with pea gravel...it.is.finished.  No weeds to be seen...in this little rectangle of our yard, anyway.  The whole rest of the yard is a mess. 

 Claire's Birthday pancake.

 On Claire's Birthday, we drove to Newport, OR, to see the octopus feeding.

 Lunch at Rogue, with Claire's best friend, Molly.
 I took a nap on the beach...ON MY STOMACH!

 We are going to be very sad to say goodbye...best friend is moving away in two weeks :( 
 She's a cool cat. 
 Tried to make an octopus cake. I might submit this to www.cakewrecks.com. Not my crowning achievement. 
 Nearing the end of the 2nd trimester!

 We ran into Molly at the Children's Museum! Milking every moment before their departure.  
Today, we raked in several pounds of luscious, plump blueberries.  *for free!*


karen said...

Feel free to dump your photos anytime, I love them all. Claire looks so grown up.


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