Five Years. Thirty-Three Weeks. And Counting.

I thought I'd pop in and say hi. Life is rolling faster and faster with every day. I find myself not really knowing what to do with this little blog-space.  There's a lot that I actually consider writing about but for one reason or another, it never makes it from brain/heart to typed word on your glowing computer screens.  Not that you're really missing out or anything.  

So for now, I use this as a picture dumping ground and a quick-update on our lives for anyone who might be weird (or bored) enough to be interested.  

Big things.  Chris and I have now been married for MORE than FIVE YEARS! As of Friday. And we had a really great time celebrating our marriage.  It was really a good day and I am so thankful for that. Originally we had planned to do something big...imagine flying to San Francisco and living it up.  However, it dawned on me that I would be pretty pregnant and it might not be fun to wander all over the place by foot.  Plus, we wanted to buy a nice camera and couldn't really do both. It was a good call. Turns out that walking more than 20 minutes sends Braxton Hicks contractions hurtling throughout my uterus.  No fun. 

So we went to dinner (Urban Fondue...sooooo goooooood!) and a movie. Simple but so great. Well, the movie (Looper) actually really sucked and was made worse by the fact that I was stuck next to a 60-something-ish man with his ummm, very noticeably younger girlfriend of sorts and they literally sucked faced the whole movie (mixed in with some heavy breathing at times, unsettling low-moans, and weird hand/arm grappling).  How's that for a mental picture? But Claire stayed with her Oma and Opa and we even got to sleep in, yesterday!  

Sadly, this is the only picture I got from our anniversary date. 
Yep. Still weirder than ever. Maybe even stranger throughout the years? Hoping and praying for God to move through/in us and our marriage as the years go by.  Marriage is a difficult ride at many times but we are trusting God to work miracles in us and teach us to love with His love.  He is so good.

The other major thing worth noting is that there are only 7 weeks until Ruby's due date! What!? Craziness.  That, and I really like stripes, as you'll see in the following pictures. 

 Can I just say, I love this dress (aka "most comfortable dress ever"). I just recently made a killing on some GAP maternity items.  This most comfortable dress ever only cost me about $7! And, I know this picture is odd, which is why I wanted to post it :p

 I am glad to say...this pregnancy is prreettttyyyy boring. Nothing exciting or weird going on. Let's keep it that way, ay?  Dare I even share that I feel optimistic about the birthing experience looming near in our future? I do dare! 

Bring it on!


kranberrys said...

OMG! I think you look soooooo cute =) Miss you!


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