So We Aren't Olan Mills, Okay!?

We are about to become a family of four. I'm excited. More so, terrified. Also, a tad bit of some grieving over the "loss" of our three-person family.  It's hard to explain.  I have really wanted to just enjoy our final moments together before we add another little heart to our family unit.  Part of that meant really wanting to have some pictures of the three of us. As evidenced by this blog, we have a MILLION pictures but not ever have we had any good pictures taken of the three of us....together.  And time has gotten away from me.  That, and we don't have money to really hire anyone.

So last week I hurriedly ordered a cheap tri-pod from Amazon so we could sort of take our own. Since the tripod's arrival I have been waiting for it to STOP RAINING so we could have a moment to step outside and capture some pictures.  Today was a good day for that.  However, we waited too long; Claire got down late for her nap, forcing us to wake her up (that never goes over well).  So just imagine us...daylight growing ever dimmer as I try to sooth my 4 year old who is a blubbering tearful mess while trying to quickly trim her bangs (always in her eyes!), accidentally chop off a chunk of her eyebrow (she'll never know), and then we rush out the front door to attempt some pictures in the dusky, freezing cold.  

These will have to hold us over for now.  Next time, we're going to enlist a professional's help - aka, people who will make sure we have proper lighting (say no to grainy photos), not allow totally awkward expressions on our faces (unless intended), and avoid ugly brick buildings in the background.  I went through and "touched up" the photos so you could actually see our faces and whatnot.  These are literally the *BEST* of the bunch, folks. 

 Ugly building. 

 I could have done some real damage here. 

 So freaking adorable. She loves her papa.

I literally bribed her to take this picture. It cost one Reese's PB cup from her Halloween candy stash. 

This picture literally makes me LOL. Husband has slightly creepy eyes and I have a really weird, snotty smirk on my face. Good times.  

She's got her mama's crazy eyes!

 This one is my absolute favorite. 

Did I mention, it's only two weeks until Ruby's due date? GAH!



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