The Only Birthday Present I Will Ever Request From You...

...Unless you're my husband. 

It's true. My birthday is almost here (February 7). And I am turning the big 3-0. Yes. Thirty. I have been contemplating this big  birthday for the past year. I even made a list of 30 things to accomplish BEFORE thirty; only checked off the "make another baby".  So, that list has been updated to thirty things to do during my first year of being thirty.  

I have also contemplated having a big birthday blowout.  But, I am tired and have two kids now and it's just not going to happen.  Just not into it.  

Might sound like my 30th will be off to a sad start, ay? Well, here's the thing. I have this little BIG dream. Something I deeply long to see happen. 

Did I mention that it's also been 10 years since I experienced the wonder that is India?  Yes. Ten years ago, I met up with a bunch of people I didn't know (pre-med, nursing, med students, a couple nurses) and we headed to India for a few weeks.  We traveled by plane, Jeep, and train across the central and eastern regions of India, helping set up clinics in rural villages and bustling packed cities.  From the instant I entered that intriguing land I was captivated.  I was just perusing the journal I kept during my weeks in India and the first line I wrote was, "I am in shock. I am in love. I am in India."   Truly, it is a tragic, beautiful, fascinating, humbling, shocking, exciting place to visit. And honestly, as a woman, kind of scary at times. Nevertheless, India is in my veins and I think it always will be. 



I was very awkward in so many ways. On my first day in India I apparently scandalized our group by hanging out with and befriending a group of cross-dressers.  I didn't realized they were cross-dressers (not that it really matters to me).  That was one of the MANY faux pas I committed during my time in India.


Sweet little helpers. 

Momma and baby visiting our clinic. 

View from the train (36 hours each way). 

Momma who had just given birth. 

It was so humid, my camera lens fogged from the inside out. What you don't see is that a few seconds later the snake charmer put a cobra on my head and poked it.  

 Taj Mahal

 Sweet Ruby (yes! Ruby!) and Jody spent the whole day with me, out in the rain.
Sikh temple (view from my room at the YWCA in Delhi)

Therefore, I have set up a fundraising page with Living Water, a non-profit that started over 20 years ago to initiate "community-based water solutions in developing countries". I first heard of Living Water about six years ago, when my church Imago Dei Community launched the Advent Conspiracy and as part of that, gave a large portion of our Advent Conspiracy offering to Living Water for the purpose of drilling wells in Africa.  Since that time, Living Water has actually come to house some of their offices in Imago's office building.  They're an amazing organization and I am so excited to see what they're doing throughout the world. (They just blogged about this blog post on their blog! http://www.water.cc/posts/do-something/birthday-india)

So. My dream, my hope. I want to help people in India have clean drinking water.  

Will you help me? Would you consider donating for the purpose of sponsoring a well in India?  Throughout this next year, my 30th year of life, I am going to work my hardest to raise the $5000 necessary to fund this well.  It's really easy to participate.  Just go to my fundraising page (click here!) and click on the Donate link! And voila! Easy as pie! Another thing you can do is spread the word (word-of-mouth, email, facebook, twitter...you name it)! 

Here's to hoping this is the happiest Birthday of a lifetime!


Erin said...

LOVE THIS! Happy Birthday, beautiful Katie. Will donate and spread the word--Love you!

KatieO said...

Oh Erin, that would be an amazing gift! We're 12% there! Love you, too!


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