*In My Best Oprah Voice* It's Photo-Dump Time!!!

Since Ruby was born I have taken roughly 438,981 pictures. Something like that.  

Also, since Ruby was born, I have been utterly exhausted.  Therefore, wanting to share snapshots of our life, paired with fatigue...well...you get a big slew of unedited pictures that may or may not have captions. The good part is that they're so adorable, it just doesn't matter!  Yep. I'm that mommy-blogger who thinks knows her children are the most adorable and then annoyingly unloads every picture I have taken in the past couple months just to prove it.  I have come to terms with my overwhelming mommy-ness (is that a word?) Can I hash-tag this #noshame? Nevertheless, I assume you don't come here for the literary prose (ifyaknowwhatImean), so I think you all know what you're getting into.
One Month Old

  (she's working on her grinch-face, folks! If you know me, you know what that means.)
(ohhhh...the dress-up clothes)
 (Claire and Mama)
(Ruby's first trip to the zoo)

(Claire and Jude...at *work*)
(My amazing niece, Ellie)
(All the cousins *on my in-law side*)

  (a RARE opportunity with Claire posing for the camera)

(I think she loves her Papa)

 Two Months Old

 (aaaannndd this is what happens when she spots me taking a picture of her)

(sweet sisters)

  (Ruby, rolling over for the first time. Totally took me by surprise!)

(my little sunshine)

(just a Saturday morning, playing games)

Three Months Old

(the spit up...ooooh, the spit up)


  (Claire and William...taking turns with the silly faces)

(yep. she spotted me taking her picture)
(oh, oh, oh....heart melting)

(my sweet bright-eyes)


lafalda said...

Like you said, so adorable. So glad you finally posted more :) Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Looked at the post again and they are still cuties :) I want to hold Ruby like RIGHT now!!!!

Erin said...

Katie, your girls are GORGEOUS!


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