Five More Days!

As most of you know, one of my goals upon turning 30-years-old has been to raise the $5,000 it takes to fund a well/water project for the people of India!  In just five days, the campaign ticker runs out and will be closed.  So far, I have been blown away to have almost $3000 donated!  Will you help in getting as close to the goal as possible before this campaign comes to a close! 

For those of you that have so generously given, I am so utterly thankful!  It's a joyful thing to give with loving hearts!  

It's so exciting to be a part of helping others have the basic necessity of clean water and good hygiene! Click here to get in on the fun! 

And just for the fun of it, a couple more pictures of my time in India, ten years ago. 
Jet-lagged and sweaty! But safely in India, in my YWCA suite! 
I'd have to scroll through my journal to recall this sweet nursing instructor's name.  She taught at one of the clinics we visited, south of Delhi. 

Sweet baby and momma at one of our clinics
Journaling about my adventures, heartbreaks, joys, wonders, and major faux pas 
Our medical/outreach team
I was so excited to buy a sitar just a couple hours before my flight back to the US! 



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