Oh Katie, Of Little Faith

It's a lovely, calm and quiet Saturday morning.  Chris took Claire out for a little date (i.e. Starbucks treats and Goodwill shopping) and Ruby is napping; the house is quiet.  As I sit here, sipping my hot cup of coffee swirling with sweet cream, I keep going back and forth between my blog screen and the Living Water Give-Well fundraising page.  The total I woke to this morning: $5,140.  And an email from someone who missed the cut-off and notified me that they put a $200 check in the mail.  New total: $5,340.  

Twenty-four hours ago, I was pretty positive that we wouldn't quite get to the $5,000.  And I was okay with that.  I knew that I would just keep trying to raise funds even after that campaign, until eventually getting to the goal.  Honestly, I was pretty amazed and so glad to have gotten almost $3,000 in donations in only 59 days!  Just astounded by the hearts that want to give away money to help those who need it.  

However, last night, just after I had put my daughters to bed and my husband was having his weekly game-night with friends in the game room (read: garage), I checked my email and almost passed out.  $1600.  A party or parties gave a total of $1600.  Unnamed.  Shock.  Breathless.  Then a thought, "This can happen. We are only $440 away from the goal. This HAS to happen NOW!"  You might have been one of the many receiving an impromptu mass-email or seen my twitter feed twitching with excitement.  I promised to match any donations up to a certain amount in the hopes of really finishing strong.  It happened!  Within less than an hour the gap was closed and I was dry-heaving with joy in our family room.  

Words.  I need them. But I just can't quite find the words deep enough to express just how much I feel right now.  The gratitude for generous hearts, astonishment that this happened in such a short period of time, joy that people God loves so very deeply, in India, will have clean water and perhaps more importantly, come to know and drink of the true, living water that is Jesus, and perhaps a little conviction that I didn't have the faith that it would fully happen.  And even if we hadn't reached the goal I don't think that would mean anything bad.  Simply the fact that it did happen just attests to the presence of God's goodness and generosity that he puts into our hearts.  Truly, hell is a place where that doesn't happen.  God's presence, whether we believe in him or not, is what makes all good things possible. Where horrible pain can exist but then give birth to something amazing, beautiful, and transforming.  That is only possible in a world where God exists and works through us.  Moments like this one, staring at this donation page screen, feed my tiny mustard seed of faith and help it grow. Not even because of the dollar amount.  But because of the hearts behind it.  

I have prayed a blessing over all the money given.  That it will bring life, health, and Jesus' love to peoples' hearts. That it will be a chance to be more than just a simple dollar and move into an agent of transformation.  That's what I want for my own money, belongings, family, time, and life!  I long for Jesus to use all of me to proclaim his goodness and faithfulness to the whole world.  

And now, I don't want to stop.  I promise, I won't be bombarding your inbox with mass-emails.  However, I do want to keep the opportunity open to anyone who would want to continue this with me.  Every couple of months I will open another Give-Well campaign.  I will update the link each time I open a new campaign so that people can give on a continuous basis if so desiring.  I also want to brainstorm, dream, and plan new ways to give/fund raise (garage sales, bake sales, something I could make/sell/donate all the profit)!  If you have any great ideas I would love for you to share them!  My heart is churning and I love it!  

In the end, I didn't really do much, here.  Someone on the donation page commented that I am inspirational.  I cherish the sentiment.  Nevertheless, I didn't  really do anything except ask YOU to help and then give what I could.  The same as you.  God is working in this world, whether we realize it or not.  He is shining his light into this sad, dark, broken world...with the promise that He will make all things new and whole.  He is our inspiration and hope.

Before I sign off I really hope you'll all take a moment to listen to this amazing word from Micah Bournes, the most amazing modern poet who speaks amazing, beautiful truth.  His words stir the soul.  You can click the play button to listen. 

As the old truth says, 
give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. 
Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a life time. 
But if you love a man by the power of Christ, 
he can multiply the fish to feed the multitudes 
far more than physical food. 

The world needs relief, 
not just bread and money. 
You can fill a man's stomach and he still be hungry. 
You can give a man dollars and he still need change. 
You can change a man's clothes and his filth remains. 
So what is our aim? What should it be? 
to build schools and dig wells in hell, 
then leave? 

Do we merely seek to keep ‘em alive 
or keep ‘em living? 
Do we give ‘em a house, or a hammer and a vision? 
A brand new perspective. 
A mind that rejects all the lies that attempt 
to confine and oppress. 
People need the truth of God that sets free, 
to know that their groans have reached the heavenlies, 
and when God heard them he reached the hearts of his 
servants and broke them because hearts love better broke. 

Broke them so they go, 
yes with food 
yes with clothes 
but most, with hope. 
Most to show the ones who mourn that God is for them. 
Who can stand against? 
When our aim is to love, 
the battle’s a sure win. 

Each well we dig will dry. 
Each home we build fold 
but souls healed by the love of 
God remain forever whole. 
Motivation for our labor is greater than 
fantasies of utopia. We know, until his kingdom come 
The sorrows of this world will increase, 
but Christ has overcome the world. 
My Lord, what a relief.


Barbara said...

Katie, it was YOU. God put it on your heart and without you as the vessel none of this would have happened. I love you and your big heart, and can't wait to see what's next. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to get to call you friend!


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