Four, Five, Six

Six months in, folks. 

**Note: to see these pictures in their not-chopped-off-on-the-right-hand-margin-glory, click on any picture and it will open a slide-show.

-Four Months Old-

Ruby, 4 months old. Claire, almost-5-going-on-25
I don't know if you can tell, but Claire relishes being a (big) sister.
 -Five Months Old-

Preeetttttyy much Papa's little girl. *melt*

-Six Months Old-


They love each other. 

She is throwing us a bone here, folks. Letting us take a picture of just her, without *attitude*. 

I love the magical "Don't smile!" trick.


lafalda said...

Whoa! She has teeth? We don't have any yet :) The first one with Claire looks kind of aristocratic portrait-ish. Cute.


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