From the Phone

I love my camera, but I would miss out on so many sweet snapshots without my phone. For all the pixelation, easily blurred shots, washed out faces, I love that I can catch so many glimpses of the greatest moments of our days. 
Waiting for the Pediatrician at Ruby's well visit. 
Date night with Mama and Papa at the Old Spaghetti Factory. 
Rare sleeping pose.
Our crazy monkey showing off her new moves she learned on the school playground.
Claire, trying to get a picture of the full moon. 
Sisters :) 
Watching the rain.
So many teeth in this picture!
Married 6 years!
First piggy-tails!
Getting misted by Multnomah Falls. 
"Fine, I'll go in the Boba.  But I don't have to like it." -Ruby
Comforting the pumpkin on it's eventual fate. 
"I can eat this, right?" 
Sweet sisters.
Painted pumpkins are THE way to go. 
Snuggles with Papa. 
Ruby's namesake, Ruby. 


Erin said...

Oh my gooooooooodnessssssss!!! I think this is the first time I've seen Ruby. She is so beautiful! And you, my friend, are S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. I sure miss seeing all of your faces!!

lafalda said...

Stop giving me hair envy...you...Chris...heck, Ruby : ) You are absolutely glowing. Beauties.

KatieO said...

I love you girls :) gosh....Montagnes seems like an eternity ago, ay? xoxoxoxo


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